Natural Way to Bleech

Go Bleach Your Skin, your way!



A country like India gives a lot of room to debate over the skin color a lot of time. Though complexion is something that can’t be purchased yet we have many brands coming with very bold claims of giving you a fair skin within a short time span but their effects are equally short-lived too. Rather long-term effects are quite painful in terms of deep pigmentation, dark spots or chemical reactions etc. Our daily struggle kills the natural glow of the skin and makes it dull and clog the pores, we need to follow some natural tips to rejuvenate and lighten the color.

Long-term complexion darkening, tanning of the skin is quite obvious in this era of extreme global warming.
A lot of women trust bleach for getting the glow back by shading their facial hair the same color as that of the complexion and making them almost invisible. Bleaching is the best method when you want some instant results and need to attend the last moment confirmed function. But the chemical bleaches available in the market are not tender on every skin type. Instead of putting a lot of money into the cosmetic products that will ruin your skin at the end. All you can do umpteenth time is using natural ingredients to soothe your skin along with proper shading of the hair.


Go for these natural bleaching agents:

1. Lemon Juice Home Bleach
Lemon being a citrus-based fruit is an excellent dirt cleaner and skin rejuvenator. The results of Skin lightening given by lemon are quite natural. This citric food is extremely useful and preventing skin is one of its fortes and for little, to massive skin troubles, you can rely on it.
Just squeeze half a lemon in a small cup or a bowl, extract as much as juice you can. Then just Soak a little piece of cotton into that bowl and dab the same over your face. Though pure lemon juice can be irritating to sensitive skin though it won’t have any effects, you can mix it with chilled rose water for better effects. Once it dries you can rinse your face off with normal cold water. It results in soothing skin and killing acne and blemishes.



2. Yogurt Skin Lightening
The presence of lactic acid in yogurt is a complete winner when it comes to bleaching. Make quick yogurt mask and prefer applying it regularly to enjoy amazing results. Chilled yogurt helps in shedding the layers of dead- cells and cuts the tan.
To make a mask of yogurt just blend it with gram flour. Apply a dense layer of it on your face and leave it for drying.
Dip a clean cotton cloth in water and use it to wipe off the dried mask.


3. Turmeric Honey Bleach
Turmeric is best when your aim is to get back that lost fairness that’s the reason In India we have a special function before weddings where turmeric paste is applied to the skin of the bride to make her glow on her special day. Just mix powdered turmeric (powdered form) with honey, and make slurry like the mask that can be applied to the skin. Turmeric is good to lower the melanin levels. Instead of using it just once in your life, use it regularly for better and consistent results.

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5 Best Skin Whitening and Fairness Creams in India

A fair skin tone is desired by all, you won’t find a single person on this planet who is not in a struggle to achieve a skin tone that is a bit scales better than their present tone. In a bid to look better people end up cleaning, removing tan and dirt so that they look a little fairer than they normally do. Though always thinking about being fair is not a good idea but what is good in this practice is that we clean our skin regularly. Regular cleaning skin troubles at a bay that can be caused by factors as scorching sun heat, dirt, dust and pollution. A lot of experts prefer home remedies to remove tan and dirt but it’s not possible to always stay in home, you need to go out where you can’t stay under the shield of a protective layer of home masks. So you need some handy products before you step out under that sun or near those polluted pits. That is the only reason skin whitening and fairness cream’s company earns extra profits.

Choose a brand and product only after cross-checking your skin type with their specifications, for example if you have dry skin you should go for moisture adding cream. All the brands offer a wide variety of these creams and tries catering to all skin type.

1. Garnier Natural White Complete Multi Action fairness Cream with SPF 17
This complexion whitening skin comes power packed with revolutionary molecules which are best agents when it comes to skin whitening as it has 10 times of Vitamin C that helps in instant skin lightening. It also acts as a shield under sun apart from helping in lightening of the skin tone. It comes in a pack of 18 g for Rs. 80.

2. Lakme perfect radiance intense whitening Day crème
This power packed skin whitening cream has fancy appearance too. It costs only 299 rupees for a jar of 50 g. It can be used by men and women. It comes with Vitamin B3 and other organic ingredients that aims at treating the skin gently and giving it a radiant texture.

3. L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-imperfections and Whitening Cream
L’Oreal is a kind of a brand in itself that offers skin creams on the basis of age. This particular cream comes with anti ageing and skin whitening benefits. All the credit goes to the stuff used in it with the likes of Vitamin B3, vitamin E and C.

4. Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream
Since boutique is a herbal based skin and hair care cosmetic brand. The success secret of this product is that it comes infused with a little extra virgin coconut oil and other botanical extracts. It works well on normal as well as dry skin. Moreover oily skin owners need to refrain from its use.

5. Fair & Lovely Multivitamin fairness cream with SPF 15
They have garnered good amount of customers at least in India because of extraordinary marketing techniques. “For fairness fair and lovely is the name” – this is not all because of advertisements but because of fulfilment of claimed results, constant modifications and skin protection. The 50 g pack comes for Rs.99 and a pump that facilitates usage of this SPF clubbed product.

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